Government Relations

Nothing is more important to many companies and organizations than its relationships with state, local and federal officials.  Yet, building and maintaining these relationships can be challenging to even the most successful CEO.  Understanding how your government works (and how it impacts your business or organization) can be complicated and requires an investment in time.

Luke Schmidt has lobbied for 33 years before legislators in 16 states, Congress, and numerous city council and county commissions across the country.  In addition, Luke has served on 10 boards and 13 professional, civic and industry committees and organizations.  Put this experience to work for you and your company or organization.

We’ve helped lots of clients.  We’ve covered the entire legislative waterfront starting with something as simple as developing legislative talking points for a Connecticut-based beverage producer; helping a Columbus-based division of a global health care company to facilitate the introduction of packaging in multiple states by assuring compliance with existing statutes; working with state legislators in Kentucky on behalf of a local community group to improve the existing statute on unified government; full-scale representation of a Kentucky city before state and local government groups to facilitate a $1 million multi-county coal severance tax grant, etc.

It all starts with building relationships – not only with elected officials but also key staff members too.

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