Marketing/Communications/Media Strategy

The principles of marketing and communication are often interrelated and in many instances need to be supported with an effective media outreach strategy.  L.B. Schmidt & Associates, LLC can provide effective solutions for your company or organization.  We work closely with our clients to assist in positioning a product or an issue.  We support our clients’ initiatives with effective communications collateral pieces, such as brochures.  We also develop Web sites.  And, we develop talking points for our clients to assist in messaging and can assist in producing events such as press conferences.

Media outreach is also important.  When needed, we work closely with our clients to secure earned media to support the overall marketing and communications strategy.  We have established strong connections with key media outlets throughout Kentucky; southwestern Ohio; West Virginia; southern Indiana; southern Illinois and southeastern Missouri.

Luke Schmidt frequently serves as the spokesperson for clients and drafts and distributes press releases on a targeted basis, and conducts interviews on behalf of clients.  In one instance, Schmidt conducted a two-day statewide media tour on behalf of one Kentucky client which produced over 80 newspaper stories, radio and television reports.  In addition to regional media, Schmidt has conducted interviews with national outlets such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

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