Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan is often one of the most important things that a company or organization can do.  A strategic plan can serve as a blueprint for the way ahead for an organization.  Strategic planning can produce meaningful goals and measureable results for just about any organization.

A well designed strategic plan can provide a concise snapshot of where a company or organization is today, and, more importantly, the plan can lead to the development of critical strategic goals for the organization’s future.

We work with clients to develop strategic plans that keep a company or organization focused on the future.  It starts with interviews of top leaders to get the initial “lay of the land.”  This leads to the development of a detailed survey instrument which is submitted to key stakeholders (both internal and external).  The survey results are tabulated and summarized in a preliminary report.

We then lead the client through a planning exercise by first sharing the findings from the survey and then developing strategic goals for both the short and long terms.  Implementation strategies are also developed.  A final report is then provided to the client.

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