International Bottled Water Association Recycling Manual Project



The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) is a not for profit organization which represents the manufacturers of bottled water in the United States.  IBWA is an active organization which addresses such issues as hydration, water sourcing, environmental best practices, recycling, etc.

With the rapid growth of bottled water in the marketplace, concern had been growing about what to do with empty plastic water bottles.  IBWA decided that its members (located throughout the U.S.) needed a guide that they could use in establishing local plastic bottle recycling programs in their respective communities.

IBWA retained Luke Schmidt and L.B. Schmidt & Associates, LLC to develop the Resource Recycling Guide for IBWA Members.  Luke Schmidt conducted the research needed in order to develop and draft the Guide.  Luke Schmidt also drafted the Guide, working with IBWA’s internal communications staff.

The Guide is a comprehensive look at plastic bottle recycling and also focuses on the 50 largest cities in the U.S.  Various recycling strategies are presented along with an extensive list of resources.


Since the completion of this project, the Guide has been posted to the IBWA Web site for use by its members.  Hard copies have also been distributed to IBWA members.  The Guide has provided IBWA with an asset that it can share with members of the environmental community and demonstrate its leadership on recycling issues in communities throughout the U.S.