Consolidated (Metro) Community Government

Today, voters and taxpayers are demanding more from their government – for less!  Consolidated (metro) community government is one way in which two or more local government jurisdictions can combine and eliminate duplication, streamline government, gain more clout in their state capital and in Washington, D.C., and, improve their standing in population rankings.

Consolidated community government is not something to be taken lightly.  And, it doesn’t happen overnight.  However, carefully considered and implemented, consolidated government can bring many benefits.  Communities large and small across the country, such as Athens – Clarke County, GA; Lexington – Fayette County, KY; and Nashville – Davidson County, TN have benefited significantly from the transition.

Each of these communities has become more efficient over the years, eliminated unnecessary duplication of government services and more efficiently targeted state and federal grants and appropriations.  And, they have positively impacted economic development by eliminating lots of red tape which resulted in creating new jobs!

If your community is interested in improving its standing in the global economy through consolidation, we can help.  Our process starts with a comprehensive and detailed examination of the existing forms of governance.  We interview key constituencies in each community (such as law enforcement, fire protection officials, etc.).  We’ll also tell you what legally needs to be done, based upon your state’s law, to consolidate your local governments.  We then present detailed case studies of similar communities that have consolidated.  Contrasts and benefits are illustrated along with our recommendations for the path forward.

Learn more about how we started the consolidation process for one of Kentucky’s largest and fastest growing communities.

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